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tv   Kazakh TV News  PBS  March 25, 2014 7:00am-7:31am PDT

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in the process. we will win the eye. he has a fifty three countries and five international organizations gathered in the heat for the nuclear security summit mention of nuclear terrorism by reducing the stockpiles of hazzard is reactive substances. strengthening the protection these facilities and boosting international cooperation be the main topics of the summit the nuclear security summit is being held to two thousand and ten danish team of the united states the current team will be the third one the first international forum was held in two thousand and ten in washington and a second one to please consult your sweet tooth. president of catholics and most about is the right has arrived in the netherlands in an official visit to take part in the summit. the catholic
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leader met with a prime minister detention saved the day before the site's talked about cooperation between two countries in the energy sector especially in the field of nuclear energy. the reserve bank because the japanese side to take part in industrialization program does expand and intentions a bass to support the initiative of the land of the rising sun central asia plus japan. as most of the deceased and the situation afghanistan the importance of keeping matter the nations at all levels was also discussed the mini tantrum president to survive and president of human sounding use to the side cemented the divine agree to trade turnover has been growing steadily the chinese president teaching piano class extent of industrial relations and transit transport and water and energy sectors and an extended needs special attention is focused on the upcoming cac summit in shanghai. the state relations and have met twice during visits and four times in various forums in two thousand thirteen and now we are meeting for the second time this year. indeed i look forward to a visit to beijing this year and i'm grateful to
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china for the presidency this case being able to support form two new level. this work according to port the city line the base of the situation in ukraine was one of the key topics of the conversation the two leaders it has been in china according to the kazakh foreign ministry of the sun in beijing and here are two common position on resolving this issue. he sees no foreseeable when you begin the induction of course the sides discussed the challenges of global and regional security situation in ukraine was considered too two countries agreed that it is necessary to involve international efforts to bring the crisis situation in ukraine to normal state. it is of the situation to be recovered meanings or to dwell in peace negotiations with those thoughts in the spirit. violence continues. this year the trash removal and the destiny marxist twenty fifth anniversary twenty five years ago owing to the nationwide movement for ending destructive testing does it then became the symbol of a world without nuclear weapons. the leader
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of the movement by this email just in enough recalls that the cynical at the expense side a rose in the beginning of the cold war here in the strictest secrecy hundreds of tonnes of high powered weapons were conducted and only the locals every time a bit here and consequences of land and underground explosions although every time the central committee nec on his part to ensure the people that underground test were safe in the late eighties the truth was revealed because it turned out that after each explosion the guest pass to the atmosphere and a cloud over tens of kilometers and floated towards her and settlements by that time the twins and amazon calculated as a cloud floating above the military camp and then to see if alaskans. activists of the new movement decided to write a letter to the supreme council of the ussr at that time it was a desperate act activists was supported by thousands of cows next week also just sitting in the delegation from us here at the monte on the streets and a sticky mass rallies going to stop nuclear testing worldwide were held from the state on the movement has become an international one
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but it is simple it just wasn't in the city politics aside was the main symbol of the end of the cold war and america also needed to respond to it. in nineteen ninety one the simple act of this site was closed and in nineteen ninety two. america has stopped its nuclear testing in nevada and all the other car windows were closed. due to the significant date in all cities of catholics and conferences and lectures on peace will be held books will be published or milk as it has unleashed its wears a nuclear free world afterwards a large international conference that started with the participation in the kazakh president and are presented as a diplomatic missions in many countries will be held for contemporary catholics in which the strength to secure a strong position among the top thirty world beating countries. the kazakh president anthony quinn is to open a broad prospects officials in kenya with the assistance of medical traditions from france have confirmed that the epidemic of a deadly scheme which began in the country in the middle of that murray was cosmic evil the virus has reached a capital gain
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economically. according to the date and unicef the disease has already taken the lives of fifty nine people and has been diagnosed on a few people able if he marries a rare but highly dangerous by a disease that is transmitted to post human contact and kills ninety percent of those infected the symptoms are strong headache coughing overall tiredness the area plus a lung and stomach keeps the middle of the race was discovered for the first time in nineteen seventy six has a new in humans and primates because astronomers if he were damaged blood vessels and internal bleeding. to show them how to find a remedy. that's the situation is difficult indeed. we don't know much about this disease and how to find it. i thing that he came here from the nearby forests have to find a way to friday before completing spreads in currumbin creek. the spill cleanup operation continues along the coasts of the gulf of mexico because of the accident was a commission of a barge hearing about a half thousand tonnes of oil and fry it in the accident occurred on sunday in the gulf still be in the gulf of mexico off the coast of texas the bars partially sank
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emergency services have removed all the oil from the bench compartments according to his more to guide the operation involves five large oil spill recovery vessels to ninety two people are working in the side of the accident according to authorities in the commission of the vessels only one of the port fuel tanks with damage which was transporting six hundred and thirty six tonnes of oil is currently unknown how much oil was spilled into the sea. unknown is holidaying with people prepare delicious and hearty potato pancakes to produce the get out all the cakes to neighbors to be closer and friendlier in the coming year it should be noted that most people began to celebrate them out as holiday of the turkic people seventy years ago after the mythic as expected among the settlers was the diesel to go. he can take as accent of the age of eighteen he was during the war along with his parents sisters and brothers and dozens of outfits that he was sent to this unknown place after nineteen days they were the station took them to all persons were accommodated in the abandoned
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barracks. it was cold and ericsson elderly catholic women united dancing to her house she treated us very well to it. two incredible one of the new top. thing. it is something of his love and marrying has extended i descended into is the wife of the elders being this community to business with her family from the caucasus as the other contacts that seventy years ago the family of indecency standards has the traditions of english people. despite the fact that they were parted from their native land long time ago in the presence of seniors and people always stand. it is so big of a tradition that they have uncovered seven sons and two daughters. i know catholics as well. oh and i respect our president thing god we all live well and all people in the united rational people koreans kazakh sample the people live in harmony has expanded its not worth it. in nineteen fifty seven settlers are
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allowed to return to their homelands but in utp always people are forced to turn back to catholics and after the collapse of the news this hour the diesel to go for this family did not wish to leave can expand and another twenty five thousand compact results the states is considering kazakh said to be their new homeland. then now this holiday was celebrated in the center of the british capital performances of folk songs and dances facing a national dishes continue to lead people in the square located in front of the main building of the oldest university of london turned into a noisy and colorful market on that day thousands of people arrived in the capital from all over the kingdom to enjoy the great holiday i think it is a very important holiday inn should be celebrated with relatives. the celebrations were organized very well the real ira delicious. it's an interesting costumes of the protected justice stevens were happy to hear favorite folk songs and sounds of maniacal is the lush may shut up is one of the organizers of the festival. he noted that they had been preparing for this holiday for several
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months they held negotiations with communities of other turkic peoples united against an elected a real cause the queue and then appeared to be new england. it was delivered here many employees of the london school of oriental and african studies organizers believe the holidays are a foundation national culture. this is why the notice holiday brings together in the next all peoples. but on monday. i congratulate all of catholics and with a notice holiday. at the world. he then devoted to the one hundredth birth anniversary the people's artist of the ussr the famous director film and interactive secondly my mouth was held in the palace of republican lrt as a film studio which has been bearing the name of this legendary man for thirty years organize this concert the performance featured in popular films that had success with the audience book during soviet times in the last few years. the are our lovely doctor being to wearing it to be taken is their chance to hear and
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experience new bill the way we did the latter warriors of the staff the old man yet the stick and gigantic and thyme i love the familiar melodies of these films in a modern musical arrangement were performing to extend cinema stars including people's artist of the us's sunday between fatigue and other factors by colony by an eleven inch on the page out of an audience. this exclusive press to combine the most striking elements of art. the choreography and singing to the music and stage drama. according to the organizers this the first ever show of the center for men being held at six am the latest news is that three w dot cardstock that stevie got kate said. rings of cars extend its lead the kids are still returning to their pre crisis levels as experts note in two thousand thirteen. i know centers of the few states
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were involved in the organization of concerts and promotion of artists located around five hundred thousand to two point five million dollars. singing stars and a little less from two hundred thousand to a couple million dollars boost of tv shows actors designers and stylists paulson and his accomplice with their varying from hundreds of thousands when half million dollars overall specialists are saying that has extensive business is becoming more organized an expensive says your attention is now being paid to quality. of course rick noticed an improvement on the consequential market business even in comparison with what was before the other hand it was the modest to say that we've come a really long way. but slowly we are developing and growing though i'd like to say that the business market still has a lot of room for development. great now with the above adversity according to the experts know it already has a good performance to the concert hall significant investments are required for the rental fee of the place which is on average twenty thousand dollars and another ten thousand dollars will be required for the ring to it
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as a stage set up a polite thing and sound systems aside from this additional expenses on promotional material success posters and billboards are significant these are some of the reasons way ticket prices or else the rising of the hit i submitted it shouldn't be spun. and it's up to get to know how i eat at one ish whole voyage to listen to good and it was the most expensive tickets are for the first rose five thousand tainted with it if consents rose four thousand and eight and the rest soon the thousandth indian and russian concert tickets one hundred dollars a month. even tickets were one thousand dollars at school sometimes it's a journey concert on average eighty five two hundred and twenty c for chris to be. it is a very colorful program nevertheless tickets for five thousand to get printed i'm so busy and overwhelmed you might end of the cost of credit to businesses and music clips on average around ten thousand to thirty thousand dollars is spent on
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this. however there are no up with some expenses and all depends on the imagination and financial possibilities of the creative team. overall there's an expectation that the domestic show business and entertainment industries will maintain moderate growth in demand and thus the use of modern technology will significantly lower the costs for everyone. top managers consultants and those working in the sports and tv industries are the most satisfied workers. this conclusion was made by the specialists of the pantry cabinets and research center after conducting market research according to the date the specialist for the most satisfied with their jobs were still six years as top management. that satisfied or those with less staff personnel sixty percent are satisfied insurance specialist fifty four percent and employees of margaret organizations fifty one percent. also the hire workers position is in the company the more satisfied they are free sample of the pub managers seventy nine percent. you can send a lung specialist sixty one percent. she was given
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this entry is forecasting a contraction of the auto industry two thousand thirteen. but he still twenty percent to two point eight three million cars because of the devaluation of the ruble to fall in oil prices and decreases the perceived power of the population were two stages reports. this forecast of three possible scenarios pessimistic detection by six point five percent. they seek perfection with a twenty percent and optimistic contraction was your point seven percent since the beginning of the year the ruble fell by eleven percent against the dual currency basket russian car dealers have already begun to feel the impact of the devaluation. where is the demand for foreign brands group then prices on these cars increased. the asian crack into two greased think
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i can pinch of the juniors and it was held among teen athletes in various regions of the country took part in the new oc teams from russia hungary in japan participated in two thousand and six kazakhstan scheme learned that in the european championship winning team rankings won the world cup in two thousand and nine the first place in asian championship was won by the federation teaming up to be a couple of second place with the team astana third to the team from russia. fifteen years ago a team is the president of the city federation and we were ranked last tuesday we are one of the strongest federation's because the last ten to twelve years we've been winning the asian championship. fighters from various countries of the world team selected for the international terminal diamond pipe wrench that does extend steam face with the team of the world remain tied it in the world ultimate fighting championship monson and a lunch ride by yourself but i was at this if the cows extended by taking out the tories for an episode this picture was third in last five fights does its thing and keep the spine of
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the typical buy themselves out of ideas but i invited him in the end of two thousand and one also celebrated the case barcelona defeat sri aman treating the visiting match with a score of three to four mrs hat trick was decisive in the victory with is taxing the argentinian player superseded achievement of lenders for the present is the part of the sport in this historical rivalry eighteen goals this is a new record now stands at twenty one goals barcelona went ahead and send it to the match with a goal from under a siesta and then tomorrow scored the images paintings and on however just before halftime was his first goal allowed barcelona to level the match in the fifty fifth minute cassette of this penalty kick once again with reality and then after the district filed a captain said you alice. but it was left with ten players the fate of the match results of which was promised a rise in tension levels in the battle for the premier championship was decided that a two penalty goals from the sea bass merciless significant upgrade its rankings in the race for the championship
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the telecommunication the telecommunications industry of the republic of kazakhstan is a growing segment of kazakhstan to connie auto market driven in twenty twelve reached six hundred billion things get although communication services account for the fall of the industry revenues fifty six percent. long distance and international communication. well percent mobile telephone communication seven percent and internet sources and present. in twenty twelve the number of fixed line market subscribers reached four point two million. there are over two billion internet users and five billion mobile subscribers in the world eighty percent of population is the possibility to use mobile means of communication market research shows that in twenty thirteen and the total number of internet users increased two point
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seven five million i do the group. and so on. this is a unique and not say that
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optimism was an homage to the festival interested in the top comedy and in all it keeps it's not it's quite the reservoirs were phased in the freezing wind today not suffocate him to come to the needy not many demons of us like this when he says you can use. sitting in a few keys and fishing days months and has been taken care of them ate and she stood intended to litigation in the back. he is now grain crops planted any additional plants and fruits. that's the reason of insanity the scores. this snake is being used as a fishing baseball but it is this plus cough fishing vegetation has been under yeltsin as they could be used. this is kazakhstan film as a student comedy. today the federation's fourteen and the ncp dissipate to make development. and with
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conviction. and this often visit the fishing baits sportsman cheney and picked up the competitions in competitions open to listen to. however ahmed says he didn't mind the tianjin which i was expecting pay our main source of profits. soon to be human. the number of artistic season on the sportsman because of it is a nice day be just a phase which occasionally diver the common view of the group of friends that i didn't make themselves comfortable. ps its costs and all of that make maintenance and cleaning and the neon fish at the request financial expenditures to it look at that. money doesn't surprise anybody you don't want to make his emphasize all the conveniences and citizens of the five page as it wants the gifts of may th she does a body filled with books and
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it requires constant maintenance. makes one acquires attention to the fish's head and diseases must be controlled and sound the chauvinism. and two constituents of human greed it was going to be. does it cost being brought to the day festival committee said tuesday that a tv show the necessity to appease the nazis face and a connectivity is related to financing friends and sports facilities. most of us in competitions the days until he's tough to maintain the institute which is based on data for two seconds. he did and he explains. she motioned to the moon. it's close to most of the passion for the members of the petitioning to see me as keen on sport and we do our best to connect occupation of sports to see this is his message and young kids to
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take on duty in accordance with due for next spring the specimen winds ten to fifteen kilograms the military operational today could be spent in winter and spring this size will be about a hundred times she's been on a satisfactory completion in the broker. its members to do. fishing on jeans every tiny detail the reasons why this text as it exits the day with dogs another advantage is the fishing phases that the situation not to fall when the city. he explains bush who has played only six years. the plane. asceticism like to me. adding to the fullest and to come he obtained to levy a few times the lackeys of most of the heat. as a result of me she says they can bike to kiss him on because a week or
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two they get the cops were to wait about four times and the second one twenty seven kilograms. talking to it. we stayed for about two holidays have arrived in the afternoon today. what i doubt that will be able to touch something the afternoon. i mean lots of fish on etsy. lexi fsu should relax and how now people not interested in things and plus it is fishing well. as usc's defense not to sin and guns during. the however there is a significant difference between amateurs and professionals. spokesman did not base his opponents could not name. this was proficient at nationhood to use having courts the teeth the end
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the rule. i do. use the body the eye. they tested it will
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bubble up. but if we get what you do watch all of the proceeding of the puzzle the gurus omar for them to their nominated candidate to be mindful of that to the er and were swept out of sch and need a new facade of his lincoln has kinda mushy at all without the zoom into the one km from the pages out of a key and haven't won at it. and my sister more so that was the mike is in order to go bald as a mother to continue months. back to the abyss of this you'll achieve but when the study full of fat in just a week that given the predicted the market to strengthen the museum additional people you'll feel present it and decided that this isobel by
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the gay couple. ohh. in the somme the coronation of an oven set of them that much heat that is utter crap from the bonds at a couple down in august as always. she said with a little more cool. it isn't. this was an american woman to look them up. they should. human mother would defeat the majority of them and educating all have given us a gorgeous to look as much as he won an award. but if in one or seventy one owns a thousand bucks to meet in one or more this winter that achieving a full kit of the fin was a total of four schools was dubbed the need to buy just by many know the extent that it can lead to the as yet of this e g the look of it we are the bottom button yet with that of course open to the shore on a fishing
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teaching this article from the popup a darshan of the bonnet of a great week this article from the chairman of the good book when i was somewhat content to whom the nation. in the beneficial to know of the scenes deal to you. it was a common good. more this and a mother of the silver somebody to do with them last but not the tool met him at. jordy the lead in the according to the queue would be. over the miles than in somebody's going to get to that in this school to be added that the incentive for them to but got two assists mussina my vehicle. to put the boot into but the stupid button and the press of the view that inimitable most difficult would it be deported me the top of that sort of physical with him one of his. probably didn't get a coveted got a booking with him to the cuban both
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the discus with a gimmick that they did it again with a promise to do this again not that threaten to commit the latest on the sonoma of was that the definitive just to get into the system central criminal with a fumble stash to cope with the stiletto. for us was that the visit from papa eleven was a travesty to the evidence time. what keeps you cool to go to the task of a vehicle to furthering the most news i'm getting but we do most of them can agree with that wonderful mother to the beach. the most of them to be a battle with the tnt studio with its use of the month it was difficult to put fund which would enable the committee. it was moving from one hundred and two. if you know. so clean no longer putting on the one who approved the move was a go. goo it was over. in yet
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this was no common good the logo of pushing about what to do this. mcconnell is covered with jokes about having occasional body can do for love them are pretty. i don't have to move to own a pc tools. he was one of its luster. isn't this a lot to look at the moment you become you. piggins up off the list of one hundred days job statistics. you know. in the too much the us no dvd. i
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was in the eye. a. i i cheats the local time during the eight inning and seen it in utah right when the filing will take a look at the headlines for this collection. the new clear security


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